Self Care is Queen

Take care of yourself!

Get away,
they say,
in their very sing song way.
Do something you love
just for you.
Paint your nails
or go for a run.
Eat your favorite food,
or get your hair done.

It’s really up to you
to do it all.
To tend to your heart,
to care for your body,
to challenge your brain,
to make art.
So put a smile on your own face
and pick your broken pieces up off the floor.

It’s really quite easy,
they say.
Just give yourself time in the day
and stretch your dollar,
apply this cream,
pour out a drink,
and follow me this way.

Don’t rely on your neighbor
and friends
or the partner by your side.
They certainly won’t bend
to care for your needs.

You see
It’s all you girl
Self care is queen

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