You holdthese little soulsin the palmsof your handswhispering to themall that they could beand all that you seefor them in this worldbut these handsthe ones you hold them inyou soon discovercannot closethey cannot wrap tightto protect these little livesinsteadyou are askedto to hold themthese little soulswith open handsexposedand even sowe draw them closeand continue toContinue reading “Mothering”

Questions My Sisters Ask

On the notes in my phoneI keep a running listof the questions my sisters ask methe ones with legsready to take me somewherea place I didn’t know was thereor maybe a place I didn’t want to gothese questions with legsthey’re not sure where we’re going eitherthey don’t have a roadmapor the answers hidden in themContinue reading “Questions My Sisters Ask”

Marriage in Squares

What kind of marriage do you write about?The one with the windswept hair on a blanket on the beach?Or the one in coordinated color schemes on the front lawn?Or maybe it’s an entirely different kind.Maybe it’s the one broken into pieces?Or the one being gladly left behind?Which one makes the best story?It’s certainly not mine.TheContinue reading “Marriage in Squares”

Motherhood Right Now

Motherhoodfor me right nowis pillow fights on freshly made bedsand toothless grinsLong days that reach into nightand early morningswith hot coffee clutched tightEmotions,running high and spilling all over,Poop jokesand hard questions with missing answersCowboy hatsand tutued dancersPrayerscaught in my throatand tearsgathered in the corner of my eyesLoss,deep and wide,seeping into every momentGain,tight hugs,messy lettered loveContinue reading “Motherhood Right Now”


SupermomSuperwomenSupergirl flying through the skyDo you see her?Can you see her?There!All alone, up high There she goesLook up quickSquint your eyesand you’ll see herhair flowing as she fliessmall waste cinched tightlips painted red and dress fitting just right Fly straightSupermomSuperwomenSupergirl in the skyI wish you welland bid you goodbye

The Magic Makers

There are your peopleThose peopleYou know the ones The responders of your callsThe ones who casually sayDon’t worryWe’ve got thisWe’ll make it work, I promise The meal makersand bringers of coffeeThe errand runnersand doers of laundry The last minute sleepover creatorsThe story readers and prayer sayersThe pancake flippersand early morning movie watchers Those peopleThe onesContinue reading “The Magic Makers”

The Extraordinary Ordinary

The extraordinary ordinary, these things we all do. This birthing of life and grieving it too. These extraordinary things. These impossible insane I can’t believe I did this things. These common happen every day around the world ordinary kind of things. The extraordinary ordinary, these things we all do. This birthing of life and grievingContinue reading “The Extraordinary Ordinary”

Alone With My Grief

Should I get bangs?Or maybe a tattoo? I think I’m mad at my husband?For what again?The dirty socks on the floor? Yes, that’s it.The fight we had two years ago?Oh right, that too. I’m hungryOr at least I think that’s what this is?This pain in my stomach.The one I’ve felt all day.I’ll pop some popcorn.I’ll openContinue reading “Alone With My Grief”